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    WiFi Integration and Traffic Offload for 4G/LTE, 2 days

    Course description

    This course aims to deliver a deeper understanding on how the WiFi access is integrated to provide seamless connectivity according to the 3GPP specifications....   Read more..

    Implementing VoLTE with QoS and Roaming, 2 days

    Course description

    ..the shift to mobile VoIP is inevitable. In that respect, the VoLTE implementation is an operator initiative, to maintain and strengthen the operator centric view on the most valuable end user services: mobile telephony and SMS. VoLTE introduces a single implementation for operator VoIP and messaging services, guaranteeing interoperability, high quality and seamless...     Read more..

    A Business oriented approach to LTE, 2 days   

    Course description

    The telecommunication industry is in the middle of a transition towards a single internet based technology. The roll out of 4G (or LTE) will complete this development. But, the industry transition is far from ‘technical only’: The users’ communication habits are changing dramatically, too. The new usage pattern that evolves is typically internet centric, with an ever increasing demand for bandwidth and data volume. From the end user perspective, traditional operator services like telephony and SMS are becoming commodity services among popular ‘Over the Top’ services....     Read more..


    LTE Radio Performance and Indoor Planning, 3 days

    Course description

    Long Term Evolution, LTE, is being rolled out as the new 4G system. Multiple 4G networks already run commercial services, as they have been operational for a couple of years. The initial design and tuning of these 4G networks was towards macro cell based coverage and single band, single service implementations. As 4G becomes more dominant in terms of traffic volume and spectrum utilization, capacity upgrade based on indoor solutions will be crucial to handle the demand and economics.  Optimizing the mobile network for higher indoor performance will require good understanding of the features and parameters that are influencing the end to end user experience.  

    This course covers those important features and KPIs that...  Read more...